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She and You
[Verse 1]
I promised myself I wouldn't believe anything you say
And remind myself that hearts of gold will often melt away
She's not the nicest is she? So you're no angel yourself
And I want to go to heaven but I hope there is a hell
I pray to god for heaven but I hope to god for hell
I don't care what you've been through
I know you can still sense
When it might be time time to drop it and make amends
I don't care what you've seen
I don't care what you've heard
It would do you good to at least stop hating her
[Verse 2]
You spend every second together, still you cannot see
What she'll do and what she won't do, you also do that to me
In the most surreal moments you wouldn't believe it's true
But there are other people in this world besides just you
There are other people in the world and "she" is you
You've got some redeeming qualities
Use 'em to win me over and over
And over again, because this keeps on happening
This same scene's playing over and over again..
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0
I see myself in the foggy mirror
But my own reflection bores me to tears
I'm the same whenever I look
and so I shatter the glass
In the repaired mirror, I check back later
To see if time's made me any better
but I'm still the same as hours ago
and so I shatter the glass
I walk through a house with walls of glass
I see myself everywhere I pass
and I'm always the same wherever I go
and so I shatter the glass
I can't escape or hide from myself
And since I'm in a living hell
Why try to shatter all the glass
When I can just shatter myself?
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 2
Stop saying that.
I hate the way you say that.
The way you think we're at fault.
You're the one at fault.
That's why it sounds so unnatural.
It just sounds so painfully unnatural!
Because it's just so hypocritical!
I've heard stories about you.
And after I didn't believe the stories
I've experienced you first-hand.
So call me insensitive,
You are the one at fault.
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0
Mature content
What's Hope? :iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0
This is not a great poem.
It has no valuable meaning.
I just want to tell you the story of
The red balloon on the ceiling.
I remember when I first laid eyes on this thing
Tied to my house's flagpole
On Valentines', which explains the shape-
A red heart, with accents of gold.
A few days after this was recieved,
It floated up to the top
Of my very tall living room
We were worried that it would pop.
But I came to it's rescue.
Let me tell you the wondrous story
Of how a young lady saved a balloon
In it's heights of glory. (not rly)
I was home alone at the computer,
Supposed to be doing my work
But instead I fucked around on Tumblr
And looked up Jake/Dirk. (derp)
Then I got up from the computer
For I was bored out of my mind
No messages, no updates of Homestuck
And what did I find?
It was tall enough to reach
The living room's height.
A stick! A big one, at that. (teehee)
But the balloon didn't come down without a fight!
I poked at it.
I tried to get it down from where it was.
But going dow
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"I hate you" is a strong term.
"I loathe every inch of you and when I see you I want to throw something at your face and punch your lights out and scream and cry and words cannot express how much I despise you" is an even stronger term.
"I love you" is the strongest term of them all.
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0
A Poem about Writer's Block
Really, what am
I doing?
There are other things that are more important right now than writing poetry. A school project that counts for an
Enormous amount of my grade needs to be completed by Friday. And I have
things planned tomorrow and the day after, so I have to finish it
Right now.
So, anyway, you know that feeling when you can't come up with ideas and
Before you know it, you start acting like a second grader and you make an acrostic poem? The kind of thing that happens,
Like, when your on meds that make you unable to think straight?
Oh my God. The writer's block just got worse. I
Can't believe this. Wait, no, yes I can. I just needed something that started with C.
K- And I can't think of anything that starts with k.
I'm done here.
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0
Your Secret
You're making this really hard for yourself.
And even harder for me.
For everyone who ever cared about you.
And that's more people than you may think.
I wondered what it would be like
To take a look in your head.
And then I did.
And then I learned your secret.
And it was terrible.
And it explained everything.
:iconsmarterthaneveryone:SmarterThanEveryone 0 0

Random Favourites

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I am...
I am a female.
I am a teenager.
I am a high school student.
I am an artist.
I am a writer.
I am a trustworthy person.
I am a good friend.
I am a good listener.
I am a good adviser.
I am friendly.
I am social.
I am a justice fighter.
I am a freedom fighter.
I am an LGBT supporter.
I am a transgender.
I am brave.
I am strong.
I am not afraid.
I am not hiding.
I am sly.
I am silent.
I am insensitive.
I am honest.
I am often confused. But
I am always led to truth.
I am a person who uses ':3' more than needed. But
I am a person who uses '<3' very rarely and only to special people.
I am a person who is uncomfortable when called 'dear', 'honey' or 'sweetie'. But
I am a person who appreciates any nice name they're being called.
I am a person who feels awkward when hugged. But
I am a person who needs to be reminded that is loved.
I am a person who can move on. But
I am a person who needs new people to like them.
I am a flexible personality.
I am able to fit in every group of people. But
I am
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Do your works appear in my favorites?

Well, that could mean...
-You're a fabulous artist/photographer/writer/etc.
-The piece I favorited had a deep significant meaning for me.
-You drew something Homestuck/MLP/Adventure Time/Regular Show related.

It might also mean all three, or 2 of 3.


When I go online, this is what I see
Everyone Pestering their secrets to me
I've got vodka in my house
And I ain't afraid to drink it
drink it, drink it, drink it

I'm Roxy and I know it
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